Fielding Financial was founded by Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding with the purpose of helping everyone, to understand the principles behind the achievement of financial freedom, and to learn how to manage and improve their financial position.

About Gill Fielding

Fielding Financial was created in 2009, by Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding, to help everyone in the UK to understand those financial management principles that will give them greater control over and success with their money.

Throughout her wealth-creating life, Gill had often had the idea of creating a ‘wealth collective’ group and it finally came into reality – as many great things do – from a sideways challenge. Many people would say to her: “Ooh, I wish I was a member of your family because your children have pensions, and you look after your dad and so on.” Then it hit her – everybody COULD be a member of her ‘financial family’ – and so her dream wealth collective, Fielding Financial, was born.

Gill Fielding, CEO of Fielding Financial

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