There are loads of great benefits and opportunities as a result of hosting your own networking event, which is why many people choose to become a network host set up a networking group in their area.

Benefits of Becoming a Network Host:


People meeting for the first time with a handshake

Meet new people

This is one of the top benefits of hosting your own networking event. As the network host, you will welcome everyone to your event and most people will want to speak with you at some point to introduce themselves.

You can expand your network of contacts and build relationships with people with a variety of different industries, backgrounds and experience.


Get invited to speak at other networking events

By hosting your own networking event, you may well be asked to speak at other networking events too. By being a guest speaker at other networking events, you open the door to getting to know even more people, whilst also boosting your authority as an expert in your chosen field/topic.


Learn new skills

There are many skills required from someone to run a networking event. From marketing your event and planning guest speakers, to welcoming new guests and hosting the networking event itself.

You also have the opportunity to learn more about subjects that your guest speakers talk about. Hosting a networking event is the perfect opportunity to learn and practise a huge range of skills.


Boost your confidence

Before starting your own networking event you may feel nervous about meeting lots of new people and speaking in front of an audience. By diving in at the deep end, your confidence will sky-rocket and you will soon be much more comfortable in taking the lead from the front of the room.


Generate an additional income

Running your own networking event can also be a great way to generate an additional income. You can monetize your networking event by charging for entry and also gaining a commission on any products sold to attendees from guest speakers.

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