For many, attending an investor and entrepreneur networking event is incredibly daunting. If you have never attended an event of this kind before then it is easy to let your imagination run wild and often what you think it is going to be like is enough to put you off attending. It goes without saying that investor and entrepreneur networking events are so important and ultimately, they are something that everyone should be using to their advantage. 

You can learn so much when attending events like this, and of course, once you have overcome the hurdle of attending your first investor and entrepreneur networking event then you can begin to reap the benefits. To help anyone struggling to take the leap and attend an upcoming networking event, our team here at the Wealth Investing Network have debunked some of the most common and off-putting myths about face to face networking of this kind. 

networking event myths“Networking is always pushy and self-serving”

This is probably one of the biggest myths about networking and if anyone feels this way when networking then they’re doing it wrong. The whole point of networking is to build mutually beneficial relationships, it is about finding people you can help as well as finding people who can help you. Don’t worry about networking being ‘salesy’, this definitely isn’t the case. 

“For networking to work it needs to be organic”

This also isn’t correct. Ultimately, networking is a business tool and like all other tools, in order to be effective, it needs to be strategically planned. It is always worthwhile researching into others who are meant to be attending these events and having a bit of a plan. Whilst you do want to ensure you come across in the right way, there is no harm in being prepared. 

“If you’re not an extrovert there’s no point in attending networking events”

Again, this isn’t true. Networking events can work really well for everyone, even if you would class yourself as more of an introvert – you may find that you just need to work the room slightly differently to how an extrovert might. There is no harm in sticking to one-on-one conversations, or only speaking to people you know and those with mutual connections to start with. Just remember to always play to your strengths.

“Networking isn’t really productive”

As mentioned above, networking is a business tool, when done for the right reasons it is definitely ‘work’. Many businesses specifically dedicate time in their working day to networking and it is essential to their success. Whilst some may see networking as a waste of time, if you’re patient, persistent and professional then it will pay off. 

“Networking can just be done online”

In today’s modern age, you may be able to do a reasonable amount of networking online, but you will be surprised how much more of an impact face to face networking can have. Often, once people have connected online the next step is to arrange a meeting and seeing someone in person is known for being much more effective. So, don’t dismiss networking events now we are in a digital age. 

Would you like to attend a networking event?

Now you know the truth about networking events, there is nothing stopping you from attending. You can guarantee that once you have stepped through the door at an investor and entrepreneur networking event, and you start to speak to like-minded people, you will soon feel at ease. You probably won’t be the only person in the room that is new to networking and no one is there to trip you up, so try to relax and enjoy yourself. 

Here at the Wealth Investing Network, we host a range of networking events across the country which are designed to connect people who have a passion for wealth creation. When attending our events, you will not only be able to network with like-minded people, but you will also learn from guest speakers and experts in relevant fields. You can trust that they will be beneficial, so please feel free to take a look at the dates and locations for our next investor and entrepreneur networking events today.