There is no denying that no matter what sector you work in, networking events are a brilliant marketing tool that should be taken advantage of. Whilst many people believe that you can do all of your networking activities online these days, you can guarantee that there are numerous benefits to still undertaking physical networking and speaking to people face to face. Some would even say that networking events are essential. 

A common misconception about networking events is that you don’t need to prepare at all, you can simply turn up and mingle. Whilst there is nothing stopping you from doing this, you can guarantee that you will get much more out of a networking event when you put in some preparation work. To help anyone who is attending their first property networking event or people who are looking to get more out of these events, here are a few preparation tips. 

Think about what you would like to get out of the event

Everyone has a reason for attending a property networking event, so think about what your reasons are. Consider what you would like to achieve during the event and what your desired outcome of attending would be. This may be something incredibly straightforward, such as expanding your own knowledge, but don’t feel as though you need to overthink this. 

Prepare questions to ask the experts 

It is likely that a property networking event will have a guest speaker. Not only will they be there to give a presentation, but they will also be available to talk to as well. Usually, you will know who this guest speaker is in advance, so prepare some questions that you would like to ask. Think about how this expert may be able to help you. 

Research other attendees you want to speak to

You may have heard who else is going to be attending the event too and if there are any key attendees that you would like to talk to, then make sure you’re not going in blind. Take some time to research these attendees and try to find common ground to discuss, this can be incredibly helpful. 

Practice giving off a good first impression

This may sound quite strange, but it goes without saying that first impressions are absolutely essential and you will want to make sure that you’re not hindering yourself from the outset. Look into things such as open body language and good conversation etiquette, both of these things will be beneficial at every property networking event you attend. 

Ensure you have up-to-date business cards

You can guarantee that if you don’t have business cards to provide upon request at property networking events then you will seem unprofessional. Of course, ensure that these cards contain your up-to-date contact information too. It might be beneficial to take a pen with you as well, you can then make brief notes on the cards you give out and also the ones you receive. 

Be prepared to talk about your work 

Whenever you’re speaking to someone at a property networking event, you can guarantee that they will ask you what you do. When replying to this you won’t want to overload people with pointless information, so prepare a short interesting and memorable pitch. Ideally, don’t make it too salesy, just be yourself, this goes a long way. 

Attending property networking events 

All in all, it goes without saying that taking some time to prepare beforehand for your property networking event is beneficial, and you will thank yourself in the long run for ensuring that you’re completely ready before you walk through the door. Hopefully, some of the tips above can help you to prepare in the best possible way and assist you to get the most out of every property networking event that you go on to attend in the future. 

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