When beginning your business journey, the first essential step before selecting your marketing channels is to identify and understand who your target audience is, and how they interact both online and offline to best determine which channels would be the most beneficial for reaching and engaging with them.

To do this, you will need to segment your audience into the below categories to best inform your channel selection and content creation.

Geographic – where is your target audience based?

Demographic – what is the size and value of your audience by their gender and age?

Behaviours – once you have an outline of your target audience based on their criteria, it is key to analyse their online and offline activities to understand what channels they are on and how they interact.

Psychographic – Lastly, how are you going to know that your target audience is interested in what you have to offer? Think about their lifestyle, social status, personality traits, values, opinions and interests.

Once you understand where your target audience fit into these key categories, it’ll be so much easier to plan both your online and offline marketing activities to ensure they become customers of your new business.