Being productive in the workplace or whilst running your own business, is key to your success. If you are unproductive in your working time, your targets and profit margins will dip, so it is important to have the correct mindset and tools in place to ensure you are using your time efficiently.

Here are our top ten tips for improving your productivity:

  1. Make a separate space to do your work

If you often work from home or are self-employed, separate your workspace from your personal space. Your productivity will soar as you associate your workspace with all things business related instead of watching the TV and getting distracted.

  1. Learn to say NO

Throughout our group of companies, one of our most popular sayings is “Only do only the things that only you can do”. Learning to say no can allow you to focus on the tasks that are most crucial to the success of your business or workplace duties.

  1. Set a routine

It’s no secret that the most successful people set a daily routine and stick to it. Plan ahead by setting your workspace out the night before and make a to do list for the day so when you start work in the morning, you are focused on the task in front of you.

  1. Turn off email alerts and notifications

Constant pinging and notifications popping up are likely to distract you from your work, so make sure you put your phone on aeroplane mode or put ‘quiet hours’ on your laptop. Perhaps don’t have your email app open so you aren’t tempted to have a look until you have completed your most pressing tasks for the day.

  1. Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks improves your focus and allows you to work for longer in the long run.

  1. Write down 3 goals for the day instead of lots

Having a select few tasks to really get your teeth into will mean you’ll complete them much easier than lots of little tasks. Anything else you complete which isn’t on your initial to do list is a bonus.

  1. Use a task management app

Using a task management app like Trello or Asana allows you to see all of your tasks you need to complete and is great for collaborating with your team and other crucial members of your power team on key tasks.

  1. Start with the most difficult tasks first

Eat that frog and start with the most difficult task when you first start your working day. Once your hardest task is done, you will be far more motivated to complete your easier and ‘fun’ tasks throughout the day.

  1. Don’t multi-task

Focusing on one task at a time means that you won’t be distracted by little tasks. Set yourself a goal to complete one task and slowly work your way through your task list.

  1. Delegate and outsource some tasks

Make the most of your time and delegate or outsource some of your tasks that are easy or tedious so you can spend time on the tasks that only you can do. Websites like UpWork or Fiverr are great to find freelancers who will help you with these tasks and get the work done whilst you sleep.

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