Attending your first networking event can be a daunting experience.

Whether you’re attending your first property networking event or planning to go along to a breakfast business network near you, follow our top tips below.

Our Five Top Tips for your First Networking Event:


  1. Introduce yourself to the host

Once you arrive, make sure you introduce yourself to the event host and explain what you do and that it’s your first time attending their networking event. They’ll be able to introduce you to people who might have similar interests to you and inform you of the running order of the event.

  1. Everyone’s been in the same boat

Everyone has attended a networking event for the first time themselves, so let everyone know and they are sure to make you feel welcome and give you top tips too.

  1. Take business cards

Business cards are an essential for any networking event. Be sure to take ample and it is general practice to swap business cards with connections you make so you can contact them after the event.

  1. Have a goal

Setting yourself a goal to achieve at the networking event will help you to focus. Whether it’s to speak to five different people, get contact details for a builder or swap business cards with another networker.

  1. Follow up with any connections

Once the networking event has finished, make sure to follow up with any connections by adding them on LinkedIn or dropping them an email or phone call.


By following these top tips, your first networking event won’t appear to be as daunting.

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