If you are already hosting a networking event and want some tips for running your own event, take a read of our top tips below.

Welcome New Members to your Networking Event

As a host, it is important to make everyone feel comfortable at a networking event, especially if they are newbies. Introduce yourself as the network event host and ask questions to get to know your attendees. You could even send them an email beforehand to assure them they’re in safe hands.

Marketing your Networking Event

A common struggle for hosting a networking event is getting lots of people to attend. if you don’t have the knowledge to market and advertise it successfully. Facebook Ads are a great way of marketing your networking event as it allows you to target people within a radius of certain locations. Facebook have a great selection of help articles to get you started.

You may also like to offer an incentive to get new people to come along. You may think about offering their first networking event for free or a free gift upon arriving.

Our home-based franchise opportunity includes a range of training and support around marketing to help you market your networking event and ensure a good turnout.

Head-Hunt New and Exciting Guest Speakers

It’s important to keep your events fresh and interesting through organising a range of guest speakers to talk about different topics. By having interesting guest speakers at your networking event, your attendees are more likely to attend regularly, but also recommend to other people.

If you’re lost for inspiration, ask your regular attendees what they are interested in learning more about so you can try and find a speaker which can speak about the topic.

Overall, there are loads of ways you can improve your networking event. If you would like more information about starting your own networking group, drop our team an email at enquiries@wealthinvestingnetwork.com or give us a call on 01803 869 869.